ABP Group offers you following services:

Logistics and Transportation

The services that customers ask of the company are becoming more and more varied and customized. Each you send your goods, you will need to contact a logistic company as a service provider.

General Trading

Proudly Serving the Independent Grocer. Wholesale Food Distributor locates in the Jabotabek area. We are your full-service grocery wholesale and dairy wholesaler, and supplier. We deliver Sugar, Cooking Oil, Rice, and frozen chicken.

CSR Management

The concept of Sustainable Development in many countries has become part of the goal of various stakeholders in balancing the people, profit, and planet. In Indonesia, the regulatory bodies have pushed for concerted efforts through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). These efforts require any business entity to have policies and programs that showcase their commitment to building sustainable relationships with stakeholders.

Food Catering and Services Provider

We are a catering and services provider with over 20 years of experience. We have been serving various customers, from reception parties, anniversaries, meetings, and lunches to events,

Waste Management

Using technology from Germany, the ABP Group is determined to provide the right solution for dealing with waste from nickel, gold, coal, gas, and oil mining. We offer Waste transportation services, temporary waste collection, and storage services, waste utilization services using applied technology, solid and liquid waste treatment services, waste collection services, consulting services and provision of environmental management facilities.

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