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The Company

About us

The services that customers ask of the logistic company are becoming more and more varied and customized. Each time you send your goods, you will need to contact the logistic company as a service provider.

PT Agronusa Berkah Persada is here to facilitate and shorten this process. Whatever type of goods, whatever you wish to send them, and no matter by land or sea, we have the infrastructure and network at your disposal. As a group of companies, we are fully capable of offering high-quality service, individual support, and timely response.

PT Agronusa Berkah Persada can customize the business market segment and ultimately each customer. However, it’s only a regular break liner service within Indonesia Area. Servicing all the West Indonesia ports and East Indonesia. All our vessels are equipped to carry cargo into all areas and meet all the applicable standards from our clients.

Not only that, over the years PT Angronusa Berkah Persada has developed a proven track record with numerous first-class vessel owners for ocean-going. With joint venture partners in China, Thailand, Vietnam dan beyond. PT Agronusa Berkah Persada can offer a comprehensive service for cargo destined worldwide.

In the past, PT Agronusa Berkah Persada has offered service to some of the most remote countries in the world. As a quality accredited company, PT Agronusa Berkah Persada employs proven safety, monitoring, and administration system which enables us to provide up-to-the-minute pro-active advice to our clients.

Based in the busy port city of Jakarta, Indonesia. PT Agronusa Berkah Persada operates dome modern well-geared vessels, trucking, and other vehicles, servicing The Mining, Mining resources, Oil & Gas, Energy Company, Power Plant, and steel industries.

PT Agronusa Berkah Persada continues to offer the best solutions for corporations. Not only that, but we also provide solution services to support and develop the business of the owners or stakeholders, so their businesses materialize quickly and then can operate well.

We are one of the best companies in Indonesia with long experience to serve clients from local and foreign investments.

In its development over time as a first step, the company will continue to expand and develop business until that was originally only performed the activities of Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Installer as Erector in the field of construction to become an EPC company (Engineering, Procurement, Construction).

We absolute could be an appropriate reliable and special partner for your business. We are here to help you.

Corporate Cultures

Our company has core values of the company that provide the foundation for all workers involved in the company’s continuity. It is this corporate culture that underlies us to serve you.

“We operate with a high level of INTEGRITY; taking the responsibility for the things we say or do, and keeping our commitments to our CLIENTS; We embrace our client’s challenges and opportunities while forging a strong, long-term relationship with the TEAMWORK; is the key to our success. We deliver with the diversity and hard work of our people to achieve a profitable and sustainable with EXCELLENCE SERVICE and GROWTH; While we are supporting the improvement in all our processes and fostering the personal development of our people.

Business Conduct & Ethics

The Business Ethics Policy has the following objectives;

To maintain, strengthen and protect the reputation for integrity and business that ABP and ABP Personnel have built with all parties that they deal with.

To ensure that ABP Personnel ethically conducts all their business activities, reflecting ABP’s Integrity Value.

To ensure that ABP Personnel complies with all laws and regulations applicable to ABP’s business activities in all countries in which it operates.

What is expected of us?

PT Agronusa Berkah Persada (ABP) Personnel is expected to perform and work honestly and with integrity and comply with all applicable laws in the course of their business activities, whether or not specifically covered by the Business Ethics Policy or any other ABP Policy.

As one of ABP’s Personnel, you have a personal responsibility to observe the standards of conduct and other requirements of the Business Ethics Policy whether or not these standards and requirements are also imposed by law. In the case of ABP employees, violations or non-compliance with applicable laws or ABP policies will constitute grounds for disciplinary action, including. When appropriate, termination of employment.

For non-employees – such as contractors, consultants, representatives, and intermediaries of agents conducting business on behalf of PT Agronusa Berkah Persada (ABP), violations or non-compliance with applicable laws or ABP policies will result in the termination of any relationship with PT Argonusa Berkah Persada (ABP).


HSE Standards

To fulfill excellent services in the process to the customers, PT Agronusa Berkah Persada has enforced some standards and operating procedures for the stronghold commitment to the Health Safety Environment as our First Priority. Standards Operating Procedures (SOP) should be developed for all techniques, processes, equipment, and machinery where there is a risk to health and safety.

Standard Operating Procedures for Project Management:

  1. Authorization
  2. Hazards associated with equipment/machinery/technique/process.
  3. Preparation
  4. Personal protective equipment to be used.
  5. The environment where the task is to be undertaken.
  6. Step-by-step step procedures for the task.
  7. Clean-up procedures.



HSE Policy

Project Management

At PT Agronusa Berkah Persada, we are committed to pursuing our business with integrity and respecting health and safety standards in all the countries in which operate.

With the conception and implementation of the HSE programs, PT Argonusa Berkah Persada aims to mitigate health and safety risks in the workplace as well as minimize the ecological impact of our activities.

Our HSE concept is divided into seven programs designed to sensitize our employees and promote positive behavioral changes, the ecological, economic, and social needs of our society and those of our company.


Health Control

Our goal is to promote and provide healthy working conditions and a hygienic workplace. Our health control includes:

Occupational health risk assessment and management.

Following changes in public and local health conditions.

Health control communication.

Prevention and information campaigns.

Observation of local laws and regulations.


Safe Transport

We aim to reduce risk exposure associated with the handing storage and transportation of cargo. Safe transport stands for:

Full compliance with the regulation of IATA and IMO.

Observation of codes of practice, standards, and laws regarding land transportation.

Safe warehousing.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PT Agronusa Berkah Persada enforces the use of PPE in specific operations, where some of the risks of hazards can not be eliminated. The correct use of PPE uses:

Warning sign stating areas where PPE is required.

Implementing PPE standards by Material Safety Data Sheet (ADS)

Providing high-quality PPE, such as safety goggles, etc.

Periodic instruction and training.



Logistics & Supply Chain Management to support Client’s Operations – food catering, manpower supply, etc.

Camp services, Housekeeping and Laundry.

Waste Management for various industries.

CSR Management – fresh water supply, small-scale industries, etc.

Transportation & Expedition.

Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and Structural works.

Industrial Operations & Maintenance.

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