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Pursuit of the Greatness

Only when we collaborate, we can achieve greatness.

How often we hear, there are so many business opportunities, but we just pass them by, because our company is too small to exploit the opportunity or our company is capable, but does not have the expertise and experience to execute the project.

To avoid this dilemma, we ABP decided to synergize and collaborate with qualified companies with years and even decades of experience. Of course, they also don’t want to be affixed just like that, if we don’t bring potential profits for them.

Only with agility and foresight to see business opportunities, and know what to do, this business opportunity can be executed properly.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

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ABP Group consists of 5 members. They are experts and experienced in their fields: Transportation and Logistic Business, Food catering and Services Provider Business, General Trading, Waste Management, and CSR Management,

PT Agronusa Berkah Persada

The services that customers ask of the logistic company are becoming more and more varied and customized. Each time you send your goods, you will need to contact the logistic company as a service provider. PT Agronusa Berkah Persada is here...more

PT Interlink Nusa Niaga

Established in 2008, PT Interlink Nusa Niaga has infrastructure and network at your disposal. As a group of companies, we are capable of offering high-quality services, Individual support, and timely response. PT. Interlink Nusa Niaga can customize for each of your business market segments and ultimately each customer. All our vessels are equipped to carry cargo into all areas and meet all the applicable standards from our clients. PT. Interlink Nusa Niaga continues to offer the best solutions for corporations. We also provide solution services to support and develop the business of the owners and stakeholders, so their business materializes quickly and then can operate well.

PT Kiki Puspa Dewi

KIKI CATERING is a catering and services provider with over 20 years of experience. We have been serving various customers, from reception parties, anniversaries, meetings, and lunches, to events, while persistently continuing to innovate our menus, garnishes, and decors in ... more

PT Bumentara Jaya Abadi

Bumentara Catering is engaged in catering services and procurement. We serve many companies and factories around Jabotabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi). All companies that are still active and become our clients believe that tenacity, seriousness and patience in managing the kitchen so far have made Bumentara Catering on par with other large catering companies.

PT Sinar Mas Sejati

Established in 2010, PT Sinar Murni Sejati is engaged in trading rice, dry corn for animal feed, sugar, vegetable oil and fertilizer. The company also supplies frozen chicken.

Let's collaborate and get the project done !